Inspiring Compassion for Animals, People and the Planet

Imagine Farm connects the dots between
Animals              Humans              The Environment  
Imagine Farm will be a humane education center for students to explore the interconnectedness of animal rights, human rights and environmental ethics. 
This holistic approach allows students to understand how one seemingly isolated issue, climate change as an environmental example, is tied to people and animals, both in creation and consequence.
Imagine Farm's goal is to educate, sensitize and mobilize:  educate and sensitize people to these united issues and then mobilize them to action.

Imagine yourself in the shoes, paws and hooves of others.

Get up close and personal with cows, chickens, pigs, horses, sheep and other animals. Imagine Farm breaks down the barriers between species.
Students will learn about their inter-connectedness with the planet and those living on it through hands-on activities and classroom learning. 
Experience the world through the eyes of people with different abilities and perspectives. Discover that we have more similarities than differences.
Try a delicious alternative to everyday fare at Imagine Farm's cruelty free, healthy choice, and environmentally conscious cafeteria.

Imagine Farm will:

Create informed citizens with critical thinking skills

Inspire tolerance and compassion


empathy for animals resulting in decreased animal abuse

Reduce and prevent violence

Motivate students to strive for a sustainable society

Encourage involvement and volunteerism