Inspiring Compassion for Animals, People and the Planet

Imagine Farm is a 501c3 non-profit charity that will provide an empathy immersion program for students of all ages. IF is forming partnerships with school districts, bullying prevention centers, animal sanctuaries and rescue groups, animal protection societies, organizations working on behalf of individuals living with disabilities, retirement/nursing homes, and other entities working to prevent the mistreatment of animals, people and the environment.
Currently we are seeking a location to house Imagine Farm.  Imagine Farm will include:
  • Facilities for interactive classrooms, auditorium/indoor arena, cafeteria, offices, animal housing, bunkhouses and staff quarters
  • Pastures for the enjoyment of our animal ambassadors
  • Areas set aside for the preservation and re-population of bees, bats and butterflies as well as for toads, turtles and tadpoles
  • Scenic walking paths and camping areas
  • Wetland preservation areas
  • Areas to demonstrate sustainable agriculture and green technology

Who We Are

Imagine Farm’s Founder and Board President, Lori Peterson, has been a civil rights attorney since 1990. Her law practice focuses on representing those harmed by racism, sexual harassment, homophobia, bullying, and other forms of bigotry.  Her passion for animals started during childhood, resulting in a life-long commitment to saving animals.  She has founded and underwritten several nonprofit animal rescue/rights organizations and sanctuaries.  According to former President Jimmy Carter, "She is an extra special person. She is enthusiastic and vivacious and determined and idealistic…very forceful and eloquent. She's been just as enthusiastic on environmental issues or mistreatment of animals…I think this protection of women's rights is a continuation of her interest in things that are innovative and idealistic."
Faith Maloney, an Advisory Board member, is one of the founders of Best Friends                                              She is a consultant in all aspects of animal care at the sanctuary. In the early days of Best Friends, Faith spent much of the day in the direct care and feeding of the animals. These days, she devotes an increasing amount of time to helping people from all over the world who are starting sanctuaries themselves.
Prior to working with Best Friends, Faith was involved with animal care in a small private sanctuary in Pennsylvania, and with counseling and social work in New York and Chicago. She has three children: her son is a veterinarian, her eldest daughter is a school teacher in Beaufort and her youngest daughter works at Best Friends in administration. She has two grandchildren.
Faith was born in England and has a degree in fine art. She also writes articles on animal issues and animal care for Best Friends magazine and other publications. 
Natalie Rasmussen, another Advisory Board member, is a nationally award-winning educator and an expert on issues of race.  Natalie holds a PhD in Science Education from the University of Minnesota. After 20 years as a chemistry teacher in both urban public and elite private schools, she is an assistant principal at Minneapolis’ North Community High School.  Additionally, she is an adjunct professor at Metropolitan State University and sits on several educational boards including the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and Human Development Dean’s Advisory Board and STEM Education Advisory Board.

Where We Are

Coming  soon somewhere near the Twin Cities, Minnesota!
Contact Us
Phone: 612-860-3115
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